Ineffective risk management practices prevent businesses from achieving their objectives, potentially costing millions of dollars every year.

Similarly, ineffective crisis management practices, or an inability to properly respond to and manage crises can result in significant disruption and reputational damage, which is often irreparable.

Building and entrenching robust risk management practices and effective and well-rehearsed crisis management practices not only protects, but enhances shareholder value and organisational resilience.

Organisational resilience is the ability of an organisation to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruption, in order to not just survive, but also prosper.  

Robust risk management and crisis management practices, both key elements of organisational resilience, are more important today than ever, as we are faced with an ever-changing environment – one commonly referred to as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – in which disruption (both planned and unplanned) has become the norm.

Corporate Investigative Services’ expert consultant boasts over 18 years international experience in senior risk management and crisis management roles across the sport, infrastructure, heavy civil construction, renewable energy and insurance sectors.

This experience, combined with a passion for enhancing organisational resilience through the deployment of tailored risk management and crisis management solutions means Corporate Investigative Services is perfectly placed to assist your organisation to develop organisational resilience by:

  • building risk management frameworks;

  • building crisis management plans;

  • facilitating risk management and crisis management training to enhance risk management and crisis management capability;

  • conducting crisis simulations, to test and enhance your organisation’s ability to respond when the proverbial hits the fan.


Contact us today to:

  • prepare your business to withstand the challenges and risks posed by today’s world and take advantage of the opportunities these challenges and risks present;

  • learn more about our risk management and crisis management services; and

  • take the first step towards enhancing your company’s  organisational resilience.


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