Legal Investigations

Each investigator within of our company has a broad Police and, more importantly, life background. As such, we are experienced in all jurisdictions, particularly the Supreme, County and Magistrate’s Courts. We are completely at ease in any criminal or civil jurisdiction.

We provide a wide range of services to the legal sector.

In the event of a criminal or civil trial, we can undertake an independent investigation for your firm. With our collective experience in law enforcement we are able to cast a critical eye over a brief of evidence and provide an insight from a prosecution point of view. Our consultancy includes crime scene experts, surveillance operatives, a fingerprint expert, audio/visual technicians, forensic accountants, and company and taxation auditors.

Our team has a broad range of experience in all types of litigation including criminal, civil, commercial and insurance. A major portfolio in our consultancy is providing evidence to legal teams challenging or negotiating defamation proceedings. Our evidence has thwarted civil proceedings of untold amounts.

We are regularly called upon to gather evidence to be heard in workplace tribunals and insurance council hearings. You will find our reports are written in a manner that is identifiable to lawyers.