Insurance Investigations

 The insurance industry, which is responsible for much of our city skyline, has suffered from insurance fraud for many years. Our strong standing within this industry has allowed our business to reach its current level of growth.

We are proud to have a close affiliation with many of the leading insurance firms specialising in commercial claims, motor vehicle and home claims, disability and liability claims.

These types of investigations are amongst the most delicate, particularly as each claimant is, principally, a valued client.

Our current claims investigation process and model has been reviewed with our aim being to deliver high quality, streamlined claims enquiries and investigations to our clients.

Our vision is to ensure that a claim enquiry or investigation is conducted in the shortest possible timeframe whilst maintaining the highest level of quality and confidentiality. Our team of selected personnel provide our clients with absolute clarity about the claims enquiry process so that they always know the status of their claim.

Our team possesses the required level of tact and experience to deal with each claimant. We have a high percentage of success within the insurance sector and can be relied upon to deliver timely, fair and seamless investigations.

With around 60,000 stolen motor vehicles each year and an even higher number of home and commercial burglaries committed in Australia, insurance fraud is a community problem. Additionally, a false liability claim can be within the Court system for years. Insurance managers are under enormous pressure and hold policies placing their company at risk for extraordinary sums of money. Our team of insurance investigators and surveillance operatives excel in this style of work. The key to our success is a thorough investigation and putting ourselves in the right place at the right time. Often, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Our detailed reports set-out the facts in a manner which claims review officers can readily identify with. We make accurate recommendations and back them up with irrefutable evidence.

We are committed to maintaining this level of excellence.