Corporate Crime

Employee dishonesty or contractor theft is the single largest scourge against the balance sheet of any business. The business world is fast learning not to tolerate this corporate cancer. There are three steps to eradicate corporate theft:

  1. Identify the problem.
  2. Evaluate the issues
  3. Solve the problem.

Our corporate clients have displayed a desire for flexibility when they are faced with the prospect of whether to prosecute employees or contractors involved in theft. All they often desire is to remove the element of dishonesty and return to a normal, profitable business.

Our team includes investigative accountants and company auditors experienced in making an independent appraisal of your accounting system, if required.

We have a range of business strategies to deal with dishonesty. From a full circumstantial investigation to placing an undercover employee in the workplace to gather vital evidence. Whatever the chosen strategy, we can support any workplace investigation including surveillance or covert camera installations.

Our investigations are tailored to avoid industrial relations issues or breaches of legislation. Employment termination of a dishonest employee or contractor is one of the most difficult problems faced in business today. Without factual evidence, employers risk unfair dismissal claims or a visit to the Industrial Relations Commission.

A growth area in corporate crime is retail theft. Once a casual trait of the young offender, retail theft is now organised and sophisticated. The smarter companies are dealing with retail theft before it gets out of hand. We offer a range of strategies to address this problem. Additionally, we offer lectures and education programs to improve the awareness of your key staff and managers.